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3 Words Every Singer Recites Subconsciously to Become Great



1). Finding your voice implies:


Discovering a compelling tone- the very tone of silver screen stars like Mathew McConaughey, the late beloved Robin Williams, Holly Hunter, Morgan Freeman, Emma Stone, Liam Neeson, jennifer Tilly, James Earl Jones, Christopher Walken and Tom Hanks is the top thing that endears us to these men and women.   But personality shows up in the voice when voice technique is guiding away from a forced evisceration of all dialect, quirk or idiosyncrasies.  Examples of 3 distinctive singers who’ve studied with my beloved mentor (now nearing 90 years old) are Michael, Jackson, Prince and Stevie Wonder.  The king of pop, the prince of funk and the king of r&b.  No one has ever accused these artists as sounding like their voices are ‘too’ proper. Rather, they are voices that are often covered, imitated and adored.  Each one of them studied the method that I studied for nearly 2 decades that gave them vocal freedoms, ridiculous range (I have over 5 octaves as a result of this method) and a commercially pleasing sound that is radio friendly as well as epic on the live stage.  This doesn’t mean yelling, but a tone produced with the ease of speech.  Implied is speech is the ease of the ‘cry’ like tone evident in voices I. Virtually every genre.  But holding your mouth in uncomfortable positions, rigid posture and fake sounding tones won’t win you a lasting audience.


2).   Refining your voice:


This cannot be done merely using a set of vocal exercises.  Rather, singers learn from group settings, other struggling artists (we are all struggling…no one has absolutely mastered their voice.  Mastery is a process, not a destination), watching other singers in masterclasses, observing private sessions and having “aha” moments because you are an observer of the learning process, you learn vicariously.  Not merely learning technical areas that might have felt confusing, but how to make the right artistic choice for every song in every genre.  Like watching other actors, we learn more from singers than we can learn from our own choices.  But not fully so until you’ve learned what real voice technique is.  Only then can you grasp WHY certain singers draw you in.  A refined voice is essential, even expected from audiences.


3).   Defining your voice:


This is where you’re going to need a coach who has been certified by training, sculpted by experience and endorsed by successful singers whose before and after progress speaks for itself.

A coach is like an honest mirror who can kindly tell you the truth about your weaknesses, whilst praising your strengths in order to build confidence.


A coach is a trusted confident, an avid advocate and a wise sage who can ‘fix’ parts of your singing on the spot. A coach can clear up questions about who you are as an artist.  This the crucial defining that pro athletes, actors, even businessmen need in order to reach the top of the food chain.  An undefined singer lacks distinction.  In the music industry, you are either distinct or you are extinct!