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4 Thoughts That Will Make Your Singing Irrelevant

Do you want an insignificant singing voice? Of course not. But are you working in that direction? Let’s find out.
Some of your greatest obstacles to being an amazing singer have nothing to do with coordinating the voice. Removing inferior thoughts from the mind will make just as significant an impact to your singing than developing powerful high notes. The way you think affects the way you act, so wrong thinking about singing equals bad singing. Here are the 4 thoughts that destroy a singer’s unique potential:
1. “I have to sound like him/her in order to sound good.” Imagine if Pavarotti thought he had to sound like Shakira. Do not become so in love with one singer to the point that you forget about all the other great and unique voices. The greatest problem with Thought #1 is that it’ll cause you to imitate voices that may or may not be like your own, which yields terrible results.
2. “If I don’t hide (this part of my voice), then people will think I’m awful.” What if Louis Armstrong would’ve hid the guttural sound on “What a Wonderful World” because he thought people wouldn’t like it? Embrace the unique characteristics of your voice. The problem with Thought #2 is that it keeps singers from playing to their strengths.
3. “I’m not interesting enough to just be myself.” Not true! Some artists just don’t know the things that make them interesting. Answer these questions: what motivates me? What do I love/hate? Why do I love/hate it? What do I wish was different in the world and in my life? Channel your attitudes about these things into your singing. The problem with Thought #3 is that it destroys a singer’s confidence and gives them a feeling of inadequacy.
4. “I won’t be great until I can do everything perfectly.” Not everyone had the skills that Michael Jackson did as a child. Find videos of Ariana Grande, Rihanna, Bruno Mars, etc. when they were younger and you’ll see that they didn’t start out perfectly. Just start singing already! And continue refining your craft with your vocal coach and the Singing Success 360 Program. The problem with Thought #4 is that it mistakenly assumes perfection is what makes a singer great.
Do not get the impression that mastering vocal technique isn’t important. Without it, you won’t become your best. Too many singers neglect lessons to their own demise. But getting rid of these obstacles is also necessary to have a uniquely compelling voice that people love!