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5 Essentials to Singing Smoothly

The best singers in any musical genre have voices that flow, and that’s what smoothness is all about. The opposite of this quality is a choppy voice that no one vibes with. Axl Rose, Pavarotti, and David Phelps have very different styles, but they are all smooth in their own right. Here are 5 essentials to singing smoothly, no matter what style you sing:
1. Steady vibrato. If your voice is too tense to add vibrato to sustained pitches, then you are going to have a hard time singing smoothly in any genre of music.
2. Quiet Isn’t Smooth. Lowering the volume of your voice will slightly hide the rough qualities you may have, but it is not the right way to sing, it is a form of pretending. Instead, practice singing at a confident medium volume.
3. Relax. Practice singing in a manner that does not engage straining and excessive tension. Also make sure you don’t hesitate in your approach to singing as a result of over-analyzing every part of your technique. This more than anything will eliminate the choppiness of your sound.
4. One-Word Phrases. Treat the lyrics in every phrase as if it were one long word. This will revolutionize your singing, if applied correctly. This is a big secret that you will not hear us give away often.
5. Patience. Singing is a physical activity. Whenever you’re learning any new physical activity, there is going to be some awkwardness moving through the steps, but if you stick with it, you will start to flow and be great. Muscle memory is the greatest blessing for diligent workers and a curse for the sloppy and lazy.
Now you have 5 clear steps to singing smoothly. Start evaluating yourself now according to this list, and you will have more flow in your approach! If you would like professional help developing these qualities in your own voice, we recommend our private singing lessons, and also making the SS360 program a part of your regular practice routine, because it develops all of these techniques in a systematic way. Remember, with the right plan any singer can achieve singing success!