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Are your high notes weak? This may be the reason.

Here is one problem that is making your high notes weak: you don’t take care of your low notes. Avoid being so consumed with the desire to hit high notes powerfully with an amazing tone. This desire will make you neglect the quality of your low range (chest voice) because you’re always anticipating the high parts. Here’s a secret: if a lower note is slightly imperfect, every note above it will get exponentially harder to sing with ease!
So when you do your vocal exercises or sing your songs, make sure…
  • your larynx isn’t rising on the low parts
  • you’re tending to compression on the easy notes
  • you get a nasal (pharyngeal) sound on every low note
  • you have a balanced and easy sound on every easy note
I’ve had to point this out to almost every singer that I’ve worked with. Don’t be a high note junkie. If your low notes aren’t good, then everything will sound bad.
If you have no idea how to sing with proper technique in any part of your voice, I would love to help you figure it out! The beautiful thing about being honest and exposing our insecurities is that it helps us defeat them head-on! I also tell every singer that they should have the SS360 program. It will present the foundations of vocal technique, dispel common myths, and make you a much better singer. Have any questions? Write them below and I’d love to get back to you!