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In the music industry it can be easy to get by with doing the bare minimum. Stay out late, sleep in, network at fun parties, play a few shows during the week to make a good amount of money so you always have plenty to get by with. Set up a few writing sessions during the week to keep the momentum going but you still cannot quite get in. What is going to separate you from all the rest of the artists out there?

“WORK. If you want to be a singer, be a great singer.”


I remember Brett telling me in a lesson about 7 years ago, “Katie, you’re a good singer with great vibe. But you need to be great, and can be great. Then you will keep the audience captivated by your voice.” How true is that?!!? Be GREAT! Work towards greatness. Not just to get by.


The students I have noticed who are covering the most ground and gaining the most speed keep themselves organized, diligent, and in training. They are always working on their craft and talent. Good is not enough…. They strive for greatness and are becoming so very fast. They wake up with an agenda. Daily tasks and weekly or monthly goals. This helps in any business also.


I am not saying to wear yourself out… trust me, I have been there and it is not worth it. However, what I am saying, is work on your talent, work on your craft. Train your voice so that you will be able to ousting everyone on the show you try out for, the writers round you play. Train your voice so you can record your EP, Single, or Record faster in the studio and save yourself thousands of dollars because it does not take you days to record songs. Work with your coach, train yourself to be great. and Great you WILL be.

Singing Success coaches will help you to become great. All we need you to do, is show up.