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How To Build Guitars



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Tools Needed

Plunge Router and Router Bits
(I use a Skill router with a 1/4″ bit, a 1/2″ bit with ball bearing guide and a 1/2″ round over bit)
Drill and Drill Bits
(A basic electric drill and bit set with an optional 6″ sanding disk for carving down the body, and a 1/2″ Forstner Bit for counter sinking the neck ferrules.)
Jig Saw
(Any good jig saw and fine tooth blade for cutting the plastic control covers)
Belt Sander (optional)
(For carving down the top back body contour)
Mouse or Orbital sander (optional)
Dremmel tool (optional)
(Use with a sanding attachment for hard to reach areas that need to be sculpted)
Drill press (optional)
(I wish I had one, it makes drilling perfectly straight holes much easier)
(Good to have if you need to laminate your own body blank. A small one is good to have for holding the neck in place when you attach it)
Soldering Iron and Solder
Flux and Wire
(Both for the electronics)

Basic Parts and Electronics

Made Guitar Neck
(Trying to build your own neck is difficult and requires more tools that you might be willing to buy.)
Guitar Body Blank
(Make your own out of Birch Plywood or buy a blank from a retailer)
Guitar Bridge
(I tend to go with a hard tail type bridge since it can be easily bolted on. Not much to it.)
String Ferrules
(These are used to hold the string in the guitar and are placed in small holes drilled in the back. You won’t need these if you decide to go with a Gibson style bridge and tail piece.)
(It’s a good idea to get high quality tuners since the cheaper one don’t stay in tune as well)
(You will need pick guard screws for the control cavity cover and other various size screws for pickup rings and truss rod cover. Your bridge should come with screws but check and make sure in case you need to order any)
(For the neck and strings. You can use a neck plate instead of ferrules but I like the clean look and tight fit that you get with the ferrules.)
(This depends on the type of sound you want and how much you are willing to spend. Shop around for good deals.)
Pickup Rings
(Most come with screws when you buy them but if you decide to go with all gold hardware you might want to buy gold screws separately.)
(You can get a sheet of black plastic from Amazon and use it to cut the cover for the control cavity.)
Control Knobs
(These can be bought from many online retailers. Get the style that best fits your guitar design. Shop around for the best deal)
(Uses for volume and tone control you typically need between two and four depending on the type of sound you want. They come in different sizes and values so the best thing to do is look up a wiring schematic online for the set up you want to see what kind to use. Seymour Duncan has great schematics.)
(They also come in different values so find out what you need from your schematic)
Input Jack
(I like to use a long shaft input jack. All you have to do to install it is drill a hole. Pretty easy)
Guitar Control Switch
(These come in different styles also. Fender Strats use 5 way switches while Les Pauls use 3 way ones.)