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Use Your Voice To Your Advantage


No matter what.

I’ll never forget one of my lessons years ago with Brett. I was getting over a bad cold and was thinking to myself “this is going to be the worst lesson”. But I did not want to cancel because I wouldn’t get in for another few weeks. So, I get in and start warming up with the technique, I was amazed what my voice was doing. I had texture and color to my voice I had never had before. I LOVED it. I sounded sexy and raspy and wanted to keep singing all day.

The reason I bring this up, is because, as singers we will be going through a lot of transitions. I mean, we still have to do life. We are out late, maybe drinking, touring, not sleeping much, in different times zones, not eating healthy most of the time. These all play into our voice. But no matter where you voice is at, use it to your advantage. Meaning,

“if you’re tired, anxious and feel like you can’t sing your set… don’t try to sound perfect.”

Let yourself get that breathy, tired, sexy tone in your songs. Same for being sick (as long as your throat doesn’t hurt when you swallow) you can use the rasp and grit to bring out so much emotion in the songs.

If you are using correct technique, you can do anything with your voice and in any situation. Sick, tired, mad, excited, sad, or anything else. Because that is important to get your sound across.